Chelvadurai Sivaainkaran was born on the 7th of June in Jaffna,
a district in northern Sri Lanka, having a high literacy rate.
The people are also highly industrious. The village Inuvil in Jaffna is
noted for upholding the much cherished religious, cultural, traditional and aesthetic values passed down from generation to generation. Many renowned musicians hailed from this hamlet and Sivaainkaran is one of them.

He comes from a highly respectful family, his father,
late Kanapathipillai Chelvadurai, a retired Malayan pensioner and his mother, late Packiam Chelvadurai were held in high esteem by the people of the area. They were very religious and had the flair for music. The musical genes present in the family blood are quite evident from the fact that all his brothers and sisters and their off springs are well versed in music and art.

C.S.Ainkaran had never taken any music lessons, but had the hidden
talents in that field which gradually surfaced as he became keenly
interested in music. He later studied the nuances of music all by him self.
His dedication to music and conscientious effort shot him into
prominence as a popular stage performer.

Besides music he has excelled in art and photography.